Gavel-to-gavel on the state level

National Association of Public Affairs NetworksStepping back in time slightly, as I catch up on some events from earlier today…

“Democracy is shaped by the electorate. Democracy needs to be shaped by an informed electorate.”

That’s how moderator Paul Giguere kicked off a breakfast panel today on regional public affairs networks — the so-called local C-SPANs.

Pictured here (L-R) is Pat Keating, WFSU The Florida Channel; Dan Shellenbarger, OGTV The Ohio Channel; Paul Giguere, CT-N Connecticut Network; Bill Trevarthen, MGTV (Michigan); and Tom Posey, The South Carolina Channel.  They’re board members of the National Association of Public Affairs Networks (NAPAN).

They presented an interesting mix of distribution options: traditional cable carriage, carriage through public television stations’ multicast digital signals, PEG channels, video-on-demand, and even podcasting.  Although they all received initial resistance from the government, legislators have come around and embraced the networks.


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