What are those tall white towers anyway?

Georgia International PlazaA few of us were asking that same question. Were they art? Or some sort of solar energy panels? Oil derricks? I asked a few folks, including one GWCC staff member – no one seemed to know.

So I hopped on the web (thanks to the wireless connection here in the GWCC) and found out some interesting fast facts. The structures sit on what’s called the “Georgia International Plaza” – a remnant of the 1996 Summer Olympic buildout. The lawn is one of the top 10 all-American lawns – so says FloridaGardener.com.

On this lawn, sit the sixteen white 70′ structures with one 110′ in the center. The Texas Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects site says that they “provide a precise figural boundary for the central portion of the plaza, giving the space an object like presence within the irregular space of the roadways and buildings.” – i.e., they border the perimeter and have no real function.

There you have it.

Jill Nyhus


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