Highlights of The Cable Show

This year’s Show is larger than ever, featuring a record-breaking 84 sessions over the course of four days. Here are the updated numbers:

    11 sessions in the OCAP Developers’ Conference
    11 sessions in iHollywood Mobile Bootcamp
    7 sessions in Operations & Marketing
    7 sessions in Cable Game Arena
    7 sessions in the Supplier Diversity Connection
    5 sessions in New Technology
    5 CAB Sessions (excluding the jointly programmed Wednesday General Session)
    5 Plenary Sessions
    5 sessions in the Technical Papers Program
    5 sessions in the International Business Center
    4 General Sessions
    4 sessions in Information Technology
    3 sessions in Public Policy
    2 sessions in Finance
    2 sessions in Programming
    1 session with Retirement Living TV

Highlights of the next three days will include:

  • The 15th annual CableNET pavilion organized by CableLabs with 35 innovative technology exhibits.
  • The first-ever CAB National Sales Conference integrated into The Cable Show.
  • An in-depth track of seven sessions on Gaming as well as the debut of “Into the Pixel” art display of game covers and three special exhibits.
  • An in-depth track for Chief Information Officers including a Hospitality Lounge on the floor sponsored by Accenture.
  • Two Public Policy lunches and three Public Policy Sessions. Keynote by Kevin Martin, panel participation by FCC Commissioners McDowell & Tate, FTC Commissioner Leibowitz and NTIA’s Kneuer.  Luncheon address by both Governors Jim Gibbons (NV) and Janet Napolitano (AZ).
  • The prestigious Vanguard Awards and for the first time – Cable Advertising Awards Night.

If you’re going to be wandering around the Convention Center and need to access information quickly, the full program will be accessible by Blackberry & other PDAs at www.thecableshow.com/mobile.


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