Building your management skills

Today was Day Two of the 8th annual Supplier Diversity workshop (see previous coverage). Giving the keynote address today was Alfred E. Osborne, Jr., Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean & Associate Professor of Global Economics & Management, Founder & Faculty Director, Harold Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Anderson School of Management, UCLA. He focused on entrepreneurship and new business development for WMBEs and highlighted two key elements: change and reinvention.

He encouraged entrepreneurs to take a flexible approach, experiment at the margin, and achieve adaptive success. He suggested that a company ought to be integrationist in nature. Taking a holistic and inclusive view of an organization creates freedom for the individuals who work there, leading to a rise in the accountability and personal ownership of the employees, which in turn raises the intellectual capital of the enterprise.

Woman and minority business owners should hire talented people and keep their organizations flat and small, with less than three levels. This kind of structure encourages collaboration, while a multi-layered beauracy stifles creative and innovated thinking. You can lose the ability to raise intellectual capital by keeping employees in boxes with very specific tasks in the production chain.

– Helen Dimsdale


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