More Announcements from The Cable Show

Tuesday, May 8th:

11:45 – 12:30 p.m.
John Atanasio, CEO of Art World Television, LLC, announced the premier of the Art Gallery TV channelset for launch later this month on Comcast VOD.  Art Gallery TV will be the first program produced for Art World Television.  Art World Television hopes to provide advertisers and audiences with more specified programming choices through integrating VOD technology.  Atanasio revealed that this will be the first of fourteen art-themed VOD shows, promoting art through an interactive way.  Future programs will include Art Auction TV, Wine Show, Wine Auction TV, South of Houston and Drip.  The programs will also be available on the Art World Television Website in conjunction with the VOD availability.

1:30 – 2:15 p.m.
RFD-TV Founder and President Patrick Gottsch, discussed the launch of their HD channel in conjunction with the launch of a new show, Ralph Emery Live.  Scheduled for launch in October 2007, RFD-TV HD will broadcast to an estimated 30 million homes and continue delivering genres of agriculture, rural lifestyle, equine and music and entertainment.  Ralph Emery Live will be hosted by country music’s well-known radio and television talent, Ralph Emery.  Originating from Nashville, TN, the new weekly one-hour television program featuring a legendary country music artist in a conversation setting along with a number of “live” phone calls and questions from the audience.   RFD-TV has affiliate agreements with DIRECTV, Charter, Mediacom, DISH Network, NCTC cable systems and Suddenlink.


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