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The Rights Stuff panelThere has been a great deal of discussion this year about distributing content on a variety of platforms, such as a panel on the new consumer experience or a panel on the commercial potential of new platforms. But behind such efforts lie the issue of right management, which was discussed on Wednesday on the panel “The Rights Stuff: Balancing Asset Management and Rights in a Multi-Platform World.”

The panel was moderated by Cable World‘s Seth Arenstein and included Chuck Hurst (Scripps Networks), David Kline (Rainbow Media Holdings), Gwynne McConkey (Lifetime Television Networks), Chuck Pagano (ESPN), and Brian Shield (The Weather Channel). These programmers face the issue of a complex production chain, creating content on a national or even global basis for platforms that include television, print, desktop, mobile, B2B, gaming, audio, and the Web.

Managing digital assets and rights is a complex task. The pieces include creating and versioning programming, managing existing titles, ad sales & traffic. Many of the new distribution platforms do not have traditional infrastructures. Few technical standards exist for managing digital assets. There is no single turnkey solution for a complex and rapidly-changing environment.

The panel agreed that discussion and cooperation could at least help establish some best practices. At the heart of the matter, many of these issues are a product of cultural challenges, not technical ones.

The panel was part of CIO.IT, a set of events at The Cable Show reflecting the growing role of information technology (IT) in the innovation, growth, and success of businesses in the cable industry. This is the second year that the Show has targeted Chief Information Officers and IT professionals.


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