Cable Positive lends a hand

I noticed this post at Cable Positive‘s blog, about their CableCares activities during The Cable Show. They’ll be assisting Project Lazarus and Kent House, both homes in New Orleans for people living with HIV/AIDS. I was struck by Thomas Henning’s words about the importance of community.

It is exciting, right? I mean, the idea that we can go into a community as a team and make a difference; make it more whole, if even by a little bit, is energizing and inspiring. I think that is one of the things I love about the team I work with. We all believe in making a real difference. We all believe in giving others the opportunity to join us as we try to make that difference. Most importantly, we all understand that we can not accomplish it alone—that it does take a village; a community; a team to turn an idea into a reality with momentum. Next week is just one of the many examples of how much we believe in the difference community can make – and community can make a difference – I couldn’t be prouder to be part of it.

Maybe it’s unfounded, but I do feel that the cable industry is a community and one I’m proud to be part of. I was very pleased when I heard about the CableCares initiative and I hope that you’ll participate. There’s tons of ways to do so — even if you’re not going to New Orleans. Take a look at this page and find a way to make a difference.


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