The Cable Show on C-SPAN

The Cable Show on C-SPANThis morning, NCTA’s own Mark Bell appeared on C-SPAN’s  Washington Journal to discuss the CableCares initiative. Mark appeared via webcam from the main branch of the New Orleans Public Library. Hours later, C-SPAN delivered 1,300 non-fiction, public policy books on behalf of C-SPAN 2’s Book TV and the cable industry.

You can watch the video of his appearance on C-SPAN’s website.

C-SPAN is just one of many organizations that are helping out with this effort. We’d also like to recognize the efforts of A&E, Comcast, Cox, CSG Systems, ESPN, Hallmark, Juniper Networks, OpenTV, Qubo Channel, SeaChange, Time Warner Cable, and WE tv.

When we decided to that we wanted to do something for New Orleans, we asked what was needed. We were told that getting books back on library shelves was a big priority. Working together with Cable in the Classroom, we’ve organized a three-pronged book and educational video drive.

  • Bring a copy of your favorite elementary school level book and add it to Book Mountain (more about  that is later).
  • For every donation of $250, we can outfit an entire classroom with a complete set of classroom books requested by the teachers.
  • Yeah, we love books, but we are in the multimedia business, so you can donate multimedia works to the shelves of New Orleans school libraries and media centers.

Read more here or send an email to

  1. Re: “New Orleans Public Library Seeking Book Donations” (possibly related posts): We at NOPL are grateful for all the used book donations from friends around the country, but please don’t send them directly to us! We don’t have space or staff to handle them all. Instead please send them to Better World Books, “Rebuild NOPL”, 55740 Currant Road, Mishiawaka, IN 46545. BWB is equipped to process and sell them efficiently and gives us a generous portion of the proceeds. For more info, go to or phone the NOPL Foundation 504 596 2615. Thanks!

  2. Bill said:

    Hi, I always thought C-span was the most boring channel on earth. However, in the past week I’ve been watching it. Honestly, for the first time in my life I started watching it because it’s like an alternate media reporting real news. For years I have seen that C-span channel and always ignored it and passed it up when I surf through my cable box for something to watch. Today, I noticed that ch 29 (here in Chicago) on my comcast cable suddenly disappeared. It went straight to channel 31 which is the the learning channel when I punched 29. I was like wtf, so I scrolled down one channel and it went from 31 to 28. I’m just curious to know what happened to it. TV guide is showing that it still exists and “Washington Journal” is supposed to be on but the channel is just gone.

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