Cable Connection – What is it?

Cable Connection will kick off with Cable Connection – Spring in April 2009 at Washington, D.C. As you already know The Cable Show will be the first event of the week, but what exactly is Cable Connection? According to the Cable Connection website:

Cable Connection is a coordinated industry initiative, guided by the Board of Directors of NCTA, to help member organizations and industry-supporting companies consolidate efforts and expenses tied to numerous industry events. By uniting much of the cable industry in a single location for a focused series of events, cable industry leaders hope to strengthen collaboration, allow participants to see and experience a broader view of the industry, and showcase all that cable offers in a single setting.

Basically, this means that for an entire week in Washington, D.C. that there will not only be Cable Show delegates in attendance, but also delegates you would normally see at CTAM’s Annual Conference and SCTE’s Emerging Technologies Conference. The potential networking opportunities are countless. More information about The Cable Show ’09 will come as soon as registration opens in November 2008.


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