Speaking Opportunities at The Cable Show ’09

The Call for Speakers opened last Friday. We are looking for people to be one of the many NCTA Management Sessions that will occur during Cable Show ’09. Each session features a panel made up of people from various parts of the cable industry that are informed and have interesting view points. If you would like to be considered for a panel, submit your speaker proposal via the online form found on the Cable Show website’s Management Sessions page.

The form not only asks for typical things like contact information and speaker biography, but also why you (the speaker) should be selected and a brief summary of what you would like to speak on.

Have a topic you would like to see covered at The Cable Show? Enter your suggestion in the comments section.


There has been some submitters wondering if we had any suggested topics for speakers and we do not. According to our Speaker Coordinator,

“[The Cable Show is] open to all topics that might be of interest to members of the industry.  We use the submission process to help tailor our agenda, therefore, we ask for the expertise of the speaker being submitted rather than limit to specific topic areas.”


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