One Week Til’ NCTA Tech Papers & SCTE Emerging Tech Abstracts Due

Next Monday, December 1, is the deadline for submitting your abstracts in order to gain the opportunity to participate in the 2009 NCTA Technical Papers™ or the 2009 SCTE Conference on Emerging Technology®, held during Cable Connection – Spring.

Helpful Submission Hints

To get you going strong, here’s some helpful hints to assist you with your abstract submission process.

When there’s debate, it is usually around the technical merits of the abstract.  The process says, the abstract must stand on its own and no judge will defend the rights of the “unborn abstract”.  If the material repeats the obvious or seeks to define a well known or well published standard, it is dismissed.   Successful proposals have these key qualities:

  • Ideas that are NEW — and do not restate well-known concepts or standards
  • Reference value or archival value
  • High science for an advanced audience
  • Helps if it solves problems

To read more helpful hints, download our Tips for Submitting Successful Abstracts (pdf).

Don’t forget, the deadline is December 01. Good Luck.


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