Deadline for Vanguard Nominations is Friday, Jan 16

UPDATE: Thank you to whoever submitted a nomination form. We expect to announce the awardees in February.

Make sure to consider the following when preparing your nomination form:

  • The Awards Committee shall solicit nominations for and make final selection of all recipients for NCTA Vanguard Awards and determine when no award shall be given. The Awards Committee is comprised of members from NCTA Board of Directors as well as former award winners.
  • All individuals must be nominated in writing by a member of NCTA or by a staff member of a state/regional cable association. In addition, supporting letters for specific nominations will only be accepted from NCTA members or staff members of state/regional cable associations.
  • Only members of NCTA shall be eligible for Vanguard Awards. Professional staffs of state, regional or national associations for the cable television industry are also eligible. Members of the Awards Committee are not eligible for Vanguard Awards. Individuals who have been recipients of a Vanguard Award in the past are not eligible to receive the same award a second time.
  • Unless unusual circumstances warrant change, only one Vanguard Award in each category may be presented each year, with the exception of the Distinguished Vanguard Award for Leadership and the Vanguard Award for Young Leadership. Two awards are presented in the Distinguished Vanguard Award category—one to a man and one to a woman. In the Vanguard for Young Leadership category, the Awards Committee, at its discretion, may choose more than one recipient.
  • An individual’s longevity in the industry in and of itself is not to be a factor for consideration, but contributions may be cumulative with judgment based on the quality of results.

The Vanguard Award winners will be honored during a reception held on April 3, 2009 during The Cable Show ’09. Tickets to the reception will be made available after the nomination process closes.


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