Quick Look at The Cable Show ’09 Exhibitors (Part 1)

A lot has happened with The Cable Show Exhibit Floor since we first opened the exhibitor booth sales. Let’s take a closer, yet quick look at some of the companies that will be joining us on the exhibit floor.

ABS-CBN International

Booth # 3313


MYX is the only music lifestyle channel embracing the entire Asian American community through music, culture and entertainment. MYX is a nationally-distributed television channel focusing on the influential Asian American youth community and a broader audience hungry for music fusion.

MYX fills a giant void in television and addresses a cultural reality that Americans listen to more than just pop, hip-hop and rock music produced in the U.S. MYX fuses mainstream hits, the biggest jams from Asia and a healthy dose of independent music.

Come see us at the Cable Show Booth 3313!!

ADVA Optical Networking, Inc.

Booth # 903

Welecome to ADVA Optical Networking’s booth.

ADVA Optical Networking (FSE: ADV) is at the forefront of providing Optical+Ethernet solutions that advance next-generation networks for data, storage, voice and video services.


Booth # 1523

Created by the cable companies in 1979, C-SPAN provides a variety of public affairs programming.

Cable Positive

Booth # 2903

The cable industry’s AIDS action organization.

Cable Positive is the cable and telecommunications industry’s AIDS action organization that mobilizes the talents, resources, access and influence of the cable and telecommunications industry to raise HIV/AIDS awareness; support HIV/AIDS education, prevention and care; and strive to end stigma by creating a more compassionate climate for people whose lives have been affected by HIV or AIDS.

CallTek Center International Inc.

Booth # 711

24/7 Triple Play ( Internet, Video and Voice ) support

24/7 triple play (internet, video, voice) customer service and technical support, provisioning, 24/7 NOC: diagnostics, network management and monitoring.


Booth # 3741

ESRI solutions enable cable enterprises to gain a geographic advantage in their marketing research, customer acquisition, and business operations. ESRI’s ArcGIS Business Analyst with Telecom Data combines business and network data with customer profiles and marketing analytics in a geospatial environment to locate your best customers and find more like them. See how ESRI’s ArcGIS Business Analyst with Telecom Data helps you plan network expansions in high-revenue areas, find where competitors are focusing their resources, understand your operational performance, and increase your ability to analyze and respond to market pressures. To find out more and stop by booth 3741, call an ESRI representative, or visit http://www.esri.com/telecom.


Evertz is your Complete Solution Provider

Booth # 3428

Evertz, headquartered in Burlington Canada with offices in New York, Burbank, Washington, London (Reading), Croatia and Hong Kong is a globally-recognized, reputable and dynamic television, satellite, cable and IPTV broadcast equipment designer and manufacturer.

With over 750 employees today, Evertz believes that its commitment to R & D, high quality manufacturing standards and the development of close, long-term relationships with customers have earned the Company a world-wide reputation for excellence in innovation, quality and reliability.

Evertz stands at the forefront of digital broadcasting and offers the most complete HDTV end to end solution including:

  • Master control systems
  • Large, medium and small routers
  • Branding solutions
  • Master sync generation
  • HD/SD terminal gear
  • Fiber optics
  • Multi-signal display and monitoring
  • Production tools & interfaces
  • Closed captioning
  • DTV solutions


Booth # ES-17

IBM has a strong global focus on the media and entertainment industry across all of its services and products, serving all the major industry segments — cable, entertainment, publishing, information providers, media networks and advertising. Our industry solutions enable companies to produce compelling content for less, integrate and automate workflows, and connect directly with consumers to respond quickly to changing markets and deliver exciting new entertainment experiences. With a unique combination of media industry experience and IT know-how, IBM is the company that many cable providers and other media organizations have historically found to be their partner in success. For more information, visit http://www.ibm.com/media.

All of the information listed here comes from The Cable Show ’09 Exhibitor List. If you see any incorrect information listed here, please contact us at thecableshow@ncta.com.


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