Kyle McSlarrow’s Keynote Address

Broadband NationThe Opening General Session has begun and it was kicked off by a keynote from Kyle McSlarrow, NCTA’s President & CEO.

He reviewed the progress that cable has made over the last decade and outlined how we’re moving forward.

The truth is we really don’t know what the future holds . . . we have merely an imperfect glimpse of what a truly connected nation would look like. But it is an exciting vision, and our industry fully intends to do its part to lead.

Competition and our willingness to invest and to take risks have made every aspect of our business more innovative . . . more nimble . . . more responsive to and focused on the consumer.

All of our movement into the future, he said, must be fueled by efforts to head “wherever the consumer wants to go.”

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  1. This statement could not be more well said.

    The consumer is absolutely the key to the industry’s success in the future. With that said, one must look at the potential of software integration. BSS/OSS software solutions for the Cable-TV industry is monumental in its ability to; move product to the market faster and cheaper, and reduce costs associated with software integration for consumer satisfaction.

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