How Would You Like to Blog for Cable?

Each year in the spring, NCTA hold its annual conference, The Cable Show. We attract about 12,000 attendees, drawn from various aspects of the cable industry and from related fields.

Since 2006, I have blogged the events of our event, reporting on various session and detailing interesting things on the exhibit floor. This year, in order to augment our coverage, we’ve decided to bring in a fresh perspective, someone from outside, to contribute to our blog coverage.

Here are the parameters:

  • The Cable Show runs May 11-13 in Los Angeles. If you’re located in California, that is a plus.
  • We’d like someone with some knowledge of broadband technology, since the show will be featuring such things as place-shifted TV services like TV Everywhere, 3-D video, DOCSIS 3.0 and so on.
  • You should be a good writer. We would need somebody to cover events and write them up in a timely fashion.

What will you see at the Show? FCC Chairman Julius Genchowski will be addressing the attendees, and we’ve got a number of big names on the General Sessions that we’ll be announcing soon. The My World exhibit will highlight a lot of cutting-edge applications and services. Wednesday, May 12, is the NBC Universal party, held at Universal Studios Hollywood.

This is a paid gig, so we’ll be looking for someone with the skills and moxie to carry it off. If you think you’re right for the job, drop us a line at We look forward to hearing from you.

[This has been cross-posted at the Cable Tech Talk blog.]


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