Meet The CableNET 2010 Exhibitors

Co-sponsored by CableLabs® and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, CableNET continues to break new ground by offering visitors up-close-and-personal demonstrations of innovative technology advancements being developed by leading industry providers. Register for The Cable Show 2010 and see what the next step in cable technology will be.


  • Affinegy will show its DigiDo™ platform which unifies into one experience a consumer’s value added services with both MSO provided and consumer purchased consumer electronics gear. The DigiDo Guide™ is an applet that helps guide subscribers to value added IP, premium care and DOCSIS 3 services. DigiDo Care™ is a remote diagnostics and management portal that provides clear status and issues reporting for IP devices and services connected within the digital home.
  • Amdocs will showcase find-me-follow-me applications on an application ready Digital STB or TV. Amdocs has brought together elements from Conditional Access, EPG, set tops, Calling Name Servers, Call Management Systems, Presence Servers, Phone Switches, Mobile Phones, and TV applications.
  • Applied Broadband will demonstrate the Pipeline™ family of IPDR-driven Broadband Intelligence applications for DOCSIS 3.0 networks. The demonstration will highlight policy-based capacity and subscriber consumption management using the Pipeline Bandwidth Conservation Analyzer along with advanced DOCSIS 3.0 network and services visualization tools.
  • Aurora Networks will feature its Fiber Deep portfolio for cable’s first truly green architecture and, driving fiber all the way to the premises, RFoG, PON and cell tower back-haul services all on one unified network, capable of providing commercial and residential customers with reliable, ultra high-speed services. Also on display will be LcWDM®, ‘O’-band multi-wavelength segmentation technology, to help quadruple subscriber bandwidth.
  • Bridgewater Systems will show how cable operators can leverage their Wi-Fi assets and deliver new services by “on-loading” subscribers from congested 3G networks. It shows the importance of seamless and secure authentication and authorization as subscribers move across multiple access networks including managing a common set of subscriber entitlements.
  • Canoe Ventures will unveil a demonstration of its Innovation Lab profiling SCTE 130 standards-compliant Dynamic Ad Insertion, where the video streams have both national and local inventory. The demonstration also utilizes CableLabs’ Stewardship & Fulfillment Interfaces (SAFI) and highlights some of the components that would enable national networks to identify inventory and schedule advanced advertising campaigns. The available services include metadata and advertising inventory information, national network advertising decision information, and data receivers for advertising copy status, proof of performance and reporting.
  • Cisco Systems will provide a live demonstration of TelePresence video conferencing over a DOCSIS network. Attendees will experience the future through live demonstrations and learn how to accelerate growth through network-enabled video conferencing and collaboration.
  • Cox Business will demonstrate a new bundled solution including a product concept for the Hospitality sector. The offering enables advanced video and interactive guest solutions and leverages tru2way as a scalable delivery model.
  • CommScope will focus a demonstration on designing cable headends for energy efficiency. It also will show its latest fuel cell technology for back-up power that provides an increase in reliability coupled with environmentally friendly technology. CommScope will also show its enhanced BrightPath™ fiber-to-the-home solution including PON compatible RFoG and integrated CWDM, enabling cable operators to provide high bandwidth solutions and dedicated wavelength services for cellular backhaul or business services applications on the same fiber architecture.
  • DMT will demonstrate a full line of cable high definition DTA Products and New Broadband Video Phone adapters.
  • Dreamer Corporation will demonstrate a full-featured, cross-platform applications and services framework for tru2way. It also plans a demonstration of how cable operators can offer continuity of television service across multiple connected consumer electronics devices such as Blu-ray players and media players.
  • Entrata Systems will demonstrate Entrata Systems USS2000™, a multiservice authentication and authorization system, across multiple platforms. This platform provides cable operators and programmers with a universal security system built on industry standard security protocols and Entrata Systems technology.
  • FourthWall Media will show its Media User Agent, which is I05-based with various TV and Ad Widgets on an end-to-end system. The system allows us to generate EBIF application templates. It also will demonstrate pre-bound and late-bound widgets.
  • Hitachi will show how DOCSIS commands and a DOCSIS OSS can configure a passive optical network (PON) ONU for security, configuration files, queries and service OAM. Commands will be performed live using a DOCSIS OSS and configuration parameter changes will be reflected in the active PON ONU for high speed data and voice.
  • Irdeto will showcase its Secure Media Framework featuring its proprietary Cloakware technology. The Secure Media Framework enables premium content PC playback and utilizes UpnP, DLNA, and DTCP to discover content on a set-top box, transfer that content and play it back securely on a PC.
  • Maxxian will highlight CounterStryx® Integrated system intelligence for troubleshooting, planning and unauthorized usage control. This product integrates addressability, billing, network, and VOD data for intelligent analysis of cable system operations.
  • Motorola will highlight optimizing the cable network upstream by way of its RX48 card, as a proof-point leading to the delivery of Motorola’s DOCSIS® 3.0 solution.
  • Mixed Signals Inc. will exhibit a way to monitor EBIF/eTV Content performance. The Mixed Signals Sentry solution decodes and reports on eTV application data and critical signaling information to help operators ensure they are delivering eTV content with accuracy and quality.
  • NDS will be showing seamless splicing of advertisements and promotions from a DVR into linear channels, VOD and recorded content, all based on viewer profile and audience measurement information. NDS will also be demonstrating next generation user interfaces for 3DTV for such things as closed captions, guide information and interactive overlays.
  • OpenTV will exhibit its Campaign Manager and Ad Decision Service for both VOD and linear environments showing capabilities that help make linear advertising much more compelling and profitable.
  • Pulse-LINK Inc. will demonstrate how it can add gigabit data capacity to legacy hybrid fiber/coaxial networks using non-traditional modulation.
  • RCDb, the Related Content Database, will exhibit content discovery and e-commerce applications that utilize the company’s subscription-based resource of time-based metadata. Accessible via EBIF, tru2way, Blu-ray and connected-TV APIs, RCDb provides contextual metadata to enable new forms of premium content monetization to operators. RCDb’s demonstration applications are powered by a live RCDb server integrated into the CableNET headend, which in turn brokers connections to several remote Internet services including Gracenote and Facebook.
  • S&T and UniSoft will be demonstrating S&T’s ETV TSProcessor – a device that is located in the cable delivery path allowing monitoring, filtering and replacement of EBIF content in transport streams. In addition, S&T and UniSoft will be demonstrating late-bound EBIF application insertion and Enterprise Management for large-scale EBIF deployments.
  • Samsung will demonstrate a new dimension in TV with the new Samsung 3D LED 7000.
  • Sandvine will show a network business intelligence platform that lets service providers examine network data in conjunction with information from additional business and operations system, enabling operators to identify new subscriber services, optimize capital expenditures, and determine ideal management policies. These services and policies are enabled by the carrier-grade Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) platform in conjunction with standards-compliant external devices that support the CableLabs DOCSIS 3.0 specification, 3GPP/2 and IMS standards-based interfaces.
  • Secure Path Technology Inc. will show MediaDNS, a proprietary metadata management platform that enables content owners, distributors, and other companies throughout the supply chain to share and manage metadata. Secure Path is the primary North American ISAN Registration Agency and exclusive Global License Agency for the ISAN metadata catalog.
  • sofatronic will show an ITV software platform that simplifies tru2way application development.
  • Softel-USA will demonstrate the MediaSphere EBIF application playout system, which delivers iTV applications (EBIF and/or tru2way) and signaling to set-top boxes.
  • Synacor will exhibit methods for cable operators to use the underpinnings of its “TV Everywhere” solutions to more efficiently and effectively market services to existing and new customers. Using the same portal log-in principles that are being employed for “TV Everywhere,” cable can deliver other exclusive content – including games and special programming – to authenticated subscribers.
  • THX, Ltd., will exhibit the THX Media Director, content Metadata for Optimized VOD Viewing Experience. The metadata transmitted with digital cable VOD content is shown enabling CE devices to automatically switch to the proper set up to optimize the subscriber’s high definition VOD viewing experience. A partner company, Avtrex, provides cable set-top integration, while partner company Sensio provides 3D content encoding and decoding/playback.
  • Trident Micro will show a complete system on a chip (SoC) and software technology solution for thin client set tops employing Web user interface SW technology components. This reference design uses a Qt & Webkit-based application framework for video services delivered over a home network from an operator managed residential gateway.
  • Unisoft Corporation will exhibit its TSProcessor, which is an EBIF monitoring, application filtering and application replacement server. It also will show a late-bound EBIF application insertion for advanced advertising solutions using TSBroadcaster. Third, it will show a new product from S&T — the ETV TSProcessor.
  • Vidiom Systems will showcase an end-to-end solution for delivering IP video over HFC networks. The solution offers a combination of content ingestion, a management platform, cable network distribution system and end user devices.
  • Zodiac Interactive will unveil its next generation EBIF User Agent, and the new PowerUp AMS for the delivery and integration of all web 2.0 content into the EBIF ecosystem. The demo will consist of tru2way STBs running Zodiac’s next Generation EBIF User Agent, coupled with the new PowerUp AMS enabling and demonstrating automated integration of Web content into the ETV ecosystem.
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