Ready, Set, TWEET!

Get ready to thumb your way to fame: Introducing the Cable Show 2010 Twitter Contest, awarding sweet daily door prizes to the Cable Show attendee who sends the most Twitter messages from the Show each day.

Come across a cool exhibit? Tweet about it. Hear something captivating at a panel session? Send a tweet. Hosting a get-together? Spread the word to Cable Show followers. Just apply the hash tag #cs10 to your Tweets to rack up your count. (If you’re not into Twitter yet, this is the perfect reason to start. Sign up for a free account now and start following The Cable Show!)

Messages that include the #cs10 hashtag, get displayed on video screens placed in high-traffic areas of the Show floor and every Show tweet featuring #cs10 will be delivered to a connected community of Show-goers who have downloaded the Cable Show Mobile App.

Speaking of which…if you haven’t grabbed the app, make sure to download it (for free!) before the Show. It’s your on-the-spot connection to real-time Show alerts, schedule updates, breaking news and more. (Including Twitter feeds that will clue everybody in on what’s happening.) So get it now. And make sure to tweet early and often.

Just remember that each twit on the Cable Show must contain #CS10, you must be a registered attendee of The Cable Show 2010 and sorry re-tweets will not be counted! Winners will be announced on our Twitter stream each day after the close of the exhibit floor.

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