Find The Cable Show on foursquare

Are you the mayor of your favorite space on foursquare? Are you busy unlocking as many badges as you can? Well, you can collect badges or become the mayor at many of The Cable Show 2010 events.  Connect with your friends at The Cable Show.

Places The Cable Show 2010 are at:

  • The Cable Show 2010 (Los Angeles Convention Center): Check in here when you attend a session or just have some business to do at The Cable Show. Or see if anyone has any tips about things to do, see or eat in the area.
  • The Cable Show 2010 – Exhibit Floor (Los Angeles Convention Center): Are you on the exhibit floor? Check-in! And if you check in 8 times in 3 days, you get a special DOGSIS 3.0 bendy dog!

Good luck and happy badge hunting!


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