Don’t Forget To Smile: Tips From Trade Show Attendees & Exhibitors

Attendees and Exhibitors at The Cable Show 2010

What words of advice would you like to share about going to The Cable Show?

Last week we held a Trade Show Tip Day on Twitter where we and other fellow Twitter-ers shared numerous of tips on how to make your time at a trade show or conference a success. Lots of great suggestions for exhibitors, attendees, and the media came up.

Here’s some of the great suggestions:

  • Always have mints available (gum is too sloppy looking) – tylka5
  • Double stick tape solves a multitude of booth problems. Always pack a roll. – jpstamm
  • Wear comfy shoes, drink plenty of water…and visit us at Cable Show 2011! – JoySims
  • Try to wear your badge on the right hand side of your chest. This way when you shake hands you present a good view of your info. – stevehoff
  • Know where the nearest electronics store is for when last-minute adapters, peripherals, etc. are needed. – msilbey

And here at The Cable Show office, we recommend that you can never bring too many business cards with you and for exhibitors, bottled water or beverages is a great way to get your brand seen on the floor.  What other tips do you think will come in handy for a person preparing to go to The Cable Show or any other conference?

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