A Walk In The Park

If you’ve been following developments for NCTA’s upcoming conference, The Cable Show (June 14-16 in Chicago), you might have read about a special venue we’re building out on the exhibit floor that will be called The Park. It’s an open-forum setting designed to put innovative ideas, products, and people in the spotlight.

Overhead view of The Park

Overhead view of The Park

Okay,” you ask, “but what is it?

Fair enough. This is a new venture – kind of an experiment – so let me be more specific.

The physical set-up is a stage and gathering place in a park-like setting on The Cable Show exhibit floor. During select hours, we’ll be presenting a lively mix of product demos, press announcements, mini-panels, and focus groups. All the segments will be streamed live on the Internet.

The Park is intended to be both an innovation showcase and a chance to explore new trends and services. It’s inspired by cable’s leading role in delivering advanced digital technologies, powerhouse content and innovative consumer experiences across multiple platforms.

After all, the Digital Age relies on broadband and that means cable.

View of The Park stage

View of The Park Stage

Potential topics might be interactive advertising, social viewing of television, online video, iPad apps, cloud computing, content convergence on mobile devices, multi-platform digital rights management, home monitoring/energy management, LTE services, and so on.

We’ve put out the call for people to submit their new products, services and ideas for consideration. Are you looking to partner with the cable industry? Is there something you think the cable guys need to hear? Let us know.

Top industry technologists, strategists, and PR gurus will consider your pitch. If they agree, you will have your chance in the spotlight to make your presentation.

Get started here: thecableshow.com/ThePark.

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