UPDATE: Progress In The Park

The Park: The Cable Show's Live Event Stage on The Trade Show Floor

Visit us at The Park - Booth #2231

Since I first mentioned our special exhibit floor venue The Park back in April, we’ve been very busy pulling together the topics and participants for what has shaped up to be one of the potential highlights of The Cable Show 2011.

Unlike most of the rest of our Show, this isn’t about traditional panels, but rather about shorter, thought-provoking conversations. In all, we’re producing nine hours over three days, all of which are being streamed live on the web, in addition to being viewed on-site by attendees of The Cable Show.

Each of our hour-long blocks is being programmed like a news show (Think of NPR’s All Things Considered), with each hour consisting of a series of short segments, all on a common theme.

The conversation in The Park will center on the dynamic changes that the cable industry is going through now which are transforming the customer experience. Cable’s existing hybrid fiber-coaxial infrastructure is proving to be robust enough to carry us into the future, but we’re also seeing new ways of delivering services to consumers.

Here is the schedule of topics we’ll be addressing from June 14-16:

  • Socially Acceptable: Community Engagement in a Socially-Driven Interactive World
  • Unplugged: The Mobile Extension of Cable’s Value Proposition
  • Ideas in Action: Partnerships That Drive Broadband Adoption in America
  • Consumer Voices: Digital Natives – Habits and Habitats of the Next Generation
  • Cable Bridge: You CAN Get There From Here
  • TV Everywhere: The Latest in Cable’s Anytime, Anywhere App-Focused Attitude
  • Consumer Voices: New Advertising Strategies & What Consumers will Find Helpful (or Not)
  • Network Nirvana: Achieving Harmony in Cable’s Connected Home
  • Problem Solvers: Innovating for the Greater Good

We’re looking at everything from broadband adoption and the use of digital technology to improve America’s educational system to streaming content to mobile devices and the role of social media in politics.

If you can’t join us in Chicago, we’ll hope you’ll watch the proceedings online. We’re looking forward to a vibrant discussion.


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