Spring Technical Forum: Houston, We Have A Solution

As we bring day two of the Cable Show to a close, the Spring Technical Forum brings cable CTOs together to discuss industry innovation. Craig Moffett of Sanford Bernstein brings Michael Lajoie, Chuck Pagano, Tony Werner, and Bob Zitter together to discuss where cable goes next.

Beginning with a discussion of new ways to deliver cable content, Moffett led the panel through a conversation about the technical implementation of operator apps, programmer deployments like HBOGo, and the challenges presented by authentication and regulation.

Operators drew a distinction between TV Everywhere and applications noting that iPad delivery is quite different from programmers providing a portal for their shows online.

Asked about the future of smart TV, one of the panelists asserted that there has been very little demand from consumers for apps on television and noted most people turn on the TV to watch TV.


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