America’s Second Lady, Jill Biden, Thanks Military Families & Cable

The Cable Show’s third day continues.  Following the Paula Zahn interview with Oprah Winfrey, America’s second lady, Jill Biden, addressed the general session. Biden, a blue star mother, has a family member serving in the military.  She has made the mobilization of support for military families a priority during her tenure as America’s number-two wife.

Biden related the story of a young girl who broke into tears in a classroom after hearing Ave Maria.  The song had been played at the funeral of her father who had been killed in combat.  Biden worked to create a program that helps teachers support the special needs of children from military families.

In addition, Biden, together with Michelle Obama, created Joining Forces, a community program for military families that helps with jobs, education and support services.

After highlighting several other programs to assist military families, she touted the Administration’s efforts in this area.

She closed with a note of thanks to the cable industry for the programming and philanthropy efforts that give back to the military and their loved ones.


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