Imagination Wanted: Submit Your Proposal for The Cable Show’s Live-Event Stage

Xfinity iPad Demo at The Park 2011

Xfinity iPad Demo at The Park

If you strolled around the exhibits at last year’s Cable Show in Chicago, you had to notice the crowd gathering at an edge of the Exhibit Floor. Seated on (and standing around) benches within a display that resembled an outdoor park setting, the onlookers were getting ready for the next live presentation from The Park – a novel, live-demonstration stage that made its debut at The Cable Show 2011.

For three days, The Park featured back-to-back demos, interviews, announcements and dialogue around some of the latest cable-powered innovations in the marketplace. We learned about new applications in mobile services, tablet video, set-top advancements and more. There was even a live focus-group featuring young adults who talked candidly about their media usage habits.

The Park was a big hit. Big enough that it has inspired a sort of 2.0 version for The Cable Show 2012 in Boston. Rebranded as Imagine Park, the idea is to again create some serious buzz around

Focus Group at The Park

One of the Consumer Focus Groups

live events and demonstrations from a prominent location on the Exhibit Floor. This year, the agenda is expanding to offer an even richer array of presentations and dialogue. And yes, the Blogger’s Corner will be back, offering journalists a prime view of the action.

Speaking of action, here’s one you can take now: Submit an idea to be on stage at Imagine Park in Boston at this year’s Cable Show. The RFP is out there, and submissions are happening now. Nothing’s off-limits: If you and your company have a cool idea, product or app that runs from a cable-powered platform, it might just be perfect for Imagine Park. So take a shot. And as they say, let your imagination run free.

  1. Hi, does anyone have any suggestions for a lesser experienced exhibitor? What to bring/what not to bring? Creative solutions in dealing with limited booth space etc. I’d appreciate whatever help you can offer. THANK YOU!

    • Great question. Business cards, business cards. But in all seriousness, I’ve tweeted your question and hopefully we’ll see some suggestions here shortly. Or, if you can wait a bit, your question would make a great blog entry. And we’ll post something here next week to help you out.

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