Destination Boston: Boston Museum of Science


When The Cable Show comes to Boston it may, it brings a history of innovation more than matched by the city. Nowhere is that pedigree in discovery more on display than Boston’s Museum of Science. Located on the Charles River in the appropriately named Science Park in Back Bay; the museum features over 500 interactive exhibits in every field, from astronomy to natural history to modern computing. The Museum of Science is also home to the Charles Hyden Planetarium and the Mugar Omni IMAX Theater-the only domed IMAX Theater in New England. It’s even an accredited zoo; home to over 100 rescued and rehabilitated animals.

Starting in 1830 as the Boston Museum of Natural History, the Museum was conceived as a place to display natural history specimens from individual collections. After World War II it was sold, expanded and reborn as the Museum of Science, with the goal of housing all sciences under one roof. It would continue to grow, incorporating The Computer Museum into the interactive exhibits and opening the Gordon Current Science & Technology Center which takes breaking advances in the scientific field and hosts seminars by the scientists and inventors involved.

  1. Cable said:

    Can anyone imagine a world without cable, i cant. I hope i will be able to attend the Cable Show.

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