Destination Boston: Innovation District

Boston's Innovation District courtesy

Boston's Innovation District courtesy

Innovation is a guiding principle and an active concept of research and development in both Boston and the cable industry. But where does it live? Does it need a physical space and community to foster competition and productivity? The reinvention of the Boston Waterfront or Seaport District is the answer to that question- the re-branding efforts began in 2009 on the rezoned district, offering business incentives and building on the municipal planning that sought to redefine the urban landscape. Encouraged by public funding and massive infrastructural planning, the Innovation District will serve as a testing ground for new technologies in connectivity, transportation and city planning.

The Innovation District plants the seed of a green high technology future: the diverse living spaces and lifestyle options create an attractive space for entrepreneurs to base their campuses. The clean energy and connectivity initiatives support an environment for positive development.

To top it all off: the Boston Convention and Exposition Center, which will host The Cable Show May 21-23, finds it’s home smack dab in the middle of the emerging Innovation District.


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