Boston Start-Ups Featured at Imagine Park

To bring some local flavor to The Cable Show, Imagine Park is featuring Boston-area startups. Boston is known worldwide as a hub for innovative ideas and these companies bring new ideas and fresh thinking, all powered by broadband.

The companies presented their ideas live on the Imagine Park’s stage today. If you missed it, the video will soon be available here.

Imagine Park’s Start-up Alley companies are:

Catch Media pioneered putting entertainment in the cloud via their infrastructure called Play Anywhere. The company enables MVPDs/carriers, content companies, retailers and device manufacturers to deliver their customers convenient access to content anytime, anywhere on any device. Play Anywhere also provides insight into customer behavior leading to the development of a one-to-one marketing channel to the customer.

Thumbs Up is a mobile app that lets viewers rate TV in real time and instantly share their favorite moments of TV with ease. Through a plug-and-play API, TV producers integrate Thumbs Up into any second-screen app to establish a real-time connection with their audience that is faster and more immediate than Twitter.

UberSense is creating a personal sports coach in the palm of your hands. Olympic teams, MLB teams, and 600,000 amateurs and coaches around the world are using UberSense’s mobile apps and cloud platform to help video-analyze sports technique, compare with professionals, and collaborate with peers and coaches anywhere around the world.


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