Diving into the App Pond

As part of The Cable Show 2012, we’re highlighting one of the recent trends in television: the development of apps (for both smartphones and tablets) that deliver, extend and enhance the viewing of TV.

We’ve seen apps that create social viewing, apps that let you watch TV on the go and apps that offer “second screen” experiences. Many of these apps been created by companies in the cable industry (notable examples include HBO GO and the Xfinity TV App), so we wanted to highlight some of the best.

Designed in partnership with DIY Network, the App Pond is the showcase at Imagine Park for newly developed applications that run on connected devices featuring the best in cable’s mobile media, branded entertainment, lifestyle and educational applications. Taking a page from the Boston Common frog pond, we’ve created a pond of our own.

Encircling the water’s edge, attendees are checking out a variety of apps from the following companies:


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