Tuesday General Session

Industry Panel at the Tuesday General Session. From left to right: Julia Boorstin (CNBC), Edward Burns, Rio Caraeff (VEVO), Dan Mead (Verizon Wireless) and Neil Smit (Comcast Cable).

The second day of The Cable Show 2012 gets underway with the second general session. The session got off to a start with Verizon announcing a new content discovery service as part of a discussion of content delivery and consumption.

Actor/director Ed Burns joined Rio Caraeff (VEVO), Dan Mead (Verizon Wireless), and Neil Smit (Comcast Cable) to discuss consumer consumption patterns, and new delivery methods to reach an audience.

Careff made the observation that we are in the midst of a change in consumer attitudes that may be generational – with the prior generation valuing content ownership and the newer generation valuing access. All the panelists agree that consumers are demanding more content on more platforms, and providers are innovating to address and shape that demand.

Following the discussion of video delivery, NCTA’s Michael Powell sat down with the FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to discuss the regulatory environment, technological innovation, and life at the FCC with a full slate of commissioners.

Genachowski noted that while conference rooms are harder to come by, it has been nice to have a full complement again. The Chairman recognized cable for its commitment to connect low-income families and move the needle on connecting more of the nation to broadband.

Much of the discussion involved the idea that we have done much to encourage broadband adoption, but there is still much to do. Genachowski noted that cable, through Connect 2 Compete and other programs, is doing its part.

– Michael Turk


This was originally published on NCTA’s CableTechTalk blog and was reposted here with permission.


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