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Georgia International PlazaA few of us were asking that same question. Were they art? Or some sort of solar energy panels? Oil derricks? I asked a few folks, including one GWCC staff member – no one seemed to know.

So I hopped on the web (thanks to the wireless connection here in the GWCC) and found out some interesting fast facts. The structures sit on what’s called the “Georgia International Plaza” – a remnant of the 1996 Summer Olympic buildout. The lawn is one of the top 10 all-American lawns – so says

On this lawn, sit the sixteen white 70′ structures with one 110′ in the center. The Texas Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects site says that they “provide a precise figural boundary for the central portion of the plaza, giving the space an object like presence within the irregular space of the roadways and buildings.” – i.e., they border the perimeter and have no real function.

There you have it.

Jill Nyhus


Gospel Brunch at Pittypat's PorchThe Atlanta Chapter of Cable Positive hosted a gospel brunch at Pittypat’s Porch earlier this morning. This well-attended fundraiser featured fabulous, soul-stirring music from the Voice of Altanta choir (a renowned group that has toured with Elton John) and a Southern buffet breakfast. All of the proceeds (i.e., 100% for those who are counting) benefit the outstanding programs of Cable Positive. Now, off to the opening general session…

– Doug Levin

There are a number of events to look out for today. The major one is the Opening General Session at 1:00 p.m. in Hall B1. The speakers are: Malcolm Gladwell, author, The Tipping Point and Blink; John Hendricks, Discovery Communications, Inc.; Gerry Laybourne, Oxygen Media, Inc.; Brian Lamb, C-SPAN; Bob Miron, Advance/Newhouse Communications; and Tom Rutledge, Cablevision Systems Corporation.

But there are also events before noon.

For the seventh consecutive year, the Walter Kaitz Foundation is hosting its Annual Supplier Diversity Connection Workshop, which provides a forum for cable industry participants to exchange ideasand build business relationships with the minority and women-owned business community.

The Atlanta Chapter of Cable Positive of holding a “Gospel Brunch at Pittypat’s Porch” this morning.

National Association of Public Affairs Networks (NAPAN) — the independent networks do for state government and public policy what C-SPAN has done for Congress and the federal government — is having a brunch panel at 11 a.m. in B-201 to discuss how they have built thriving state networks, using a variety of funding models.

NCTA staff at National ShowWe just had our all-staff meeting, which marks the official beginning of Show activity.  Everyone is very excited about the Show, which not only has a lot of great features and sessions, but also has a lot of new aspects.  In addition, the cable industry has some very positive things to talk about.

Now everyone scatters to the four winds.  There are activities going on today and preparation for tomorrow’s opening of the Show.

Bed Restaurant in AtlantaHopefully you’ve made plans for your evenings in Atlanta.  If not, here’s a few shots of BED, a local hot spot.  As you can see from the lower photo, the name comes from the fact that you can eat dinner in bed.  I’m not sure how you’re supposed to cut your food; I ate at a table.

The place was really hopping when I left, with people coming in dressed to kill.

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